Unraveling the Twin Flame Journey: Overcoming Misunderstandings when Friends Don't Get It (a No Bullsh*T Guide)

BLOG POSTS Unraveling the Twin Flame Journey Overcoming Misunderstandings when Friends Don't Get It (a No BullshT Guide)
In this teaching on Twin Flame Relationships, you will learn: 
✨No-nonsense techniques to school your family/friends and bridge the understanding gap.
✨How to confidently navigate your unique path, while giving zero fucks to societal norms and expectations
✨The biggest mistake you're doing on your twin flame journey that is cockblocking the reunion
✨The number one secret to getting your twin flame back and reaching a reunion faster
✨How to fuel your fire with practical tips and badass advice to reclaim your power, triumph over doubters

If you've embarked on a twin flame journey, you know all too well the frustration of being misunderstood, and constant eye rolls from family and friends who just don't "get it."

You're trying to explain to people that you're in a twin flame journey and you’re in separation for the 1214213 times and they just stare at you like you're crazy. 

Elucidating your loved ones about the twin flame connection is like trying to explain quantum physics to a goldfish - pointless and frustrating as hell. No matter what you say or do, they just don't like him.

Prepare yourself for these kinds of onslaught of well-meaning but misguided advice:

“He’s just playing with you!”

"This isn't love, it's a twisted trauma bond!"

"He's not good for you, darling."

"You deserve far better than him!"

"He's a false twin flame!"

"Dump his sorry ass and move on!"

At the beginning of my twin flame journey, I did the mistake of trying to talk about my awakening with friends, and they thought I was talking about sci-fi. I even tried explaining twin flames to my therapist who only seemed ready to diagnose me as schizophrenic.

This is exactly why seeking help from people that are NOT certified twin flame teachers in a committed relationship or married to their twins will fuck up your relationship. You get really shitty advice and feel like crap.

Why Your Friends and Family Think You're Nuts

Truthbomb; there is no way in hell that a person who has not experienced the twin flame phenomenon themselves will be able to "get it". These people are still stuck in the dying paradigm and plugged into the 3D Matrix. 

Twin flames are so out of the norm and scope of what 'normal' reality is to most people that even many twin flames question their fucking sanity and often try to kill the connection.

For an outsider, you are nuts and obsessed. And you know what? They're damn right. 

Twin flame connections are not like any relationships you had before. They hit you like tonnes of bricks, kick your fucking nuts down your throat, and demand all your attention, to the point of obsession.

It's not your loved one's fault. It's how our human brains work. You can't fully comprehend the thrill of riding a roller coaster if you never buckle up and take the plunge.

What your friends and family's small-minded 3D perspectives fail to grasp is the hidden motherfucking gift of this obsession and the untapped power it holds. 

I have said it before and I say it again: as a twin, you are meant to be a part of something much bigger than a man's great dick.

The true reason you're in a twin flame journey and going through this ball-crushing awakening where it feels like the God/Universe is ass-fucking you sideways just for its own damn psychopathic pleasure, IS THIS:

👉You're special.

👉You're psychic as fuck.

👉You are NOT meant for mediocrity.

👉You're here for an incredible purpose.

👉You're here to experience earth-shattering love 

👉You're here to change this fucking paradigm

👉You're meant to show others what is possible

👉You're meant to be the first millionaire in your family

👉You're meant to make money with ease (I work 5-hour work weeks and make $50K/month. You can do it too)

If your family and friends had a glimpse of the hidden fucking treasure that awaits on the other side of the rainbow, they would not only cheer you on and rally behind you, but they'd be damn well ready to carry you on their shoulders to claim it.

The power and potential that lie within the twin flame journey are beyond their limited comprehension but trust me, it's worth every step.


Step #1: Radically Accept It's Your Fault

Let's cut the bullshit, shall we? The reason your family and friends don't approve of your relationship is that you've been trash-talking your twin flame.

Your loved ones ain't a bunch of narcissistic soul-sucking monsters trying to ruin your fairy tale romance and snatch away your happiness. Put yourself in their damn shoes for once.

Since you crossed paths with your twin flame, you've gone through one hell of a dark twisted transformation, and it's obvious you're obsessed.


👉You are complaining about him 24/7

You're blowing up your friends' phones day and night, whining about all the ways your twin is hurting you, ghosting you, dumping you, or blocking you for the 67389 times.

👉Your whole mood revolves around what this guy is (or is not) doing

They're hanging out with you, trying to have a good time, and bam! Your twin starts texting, and suddenly you're floating on freaking pink clouds. You might appear happy, but your friends can tell you're not fully there - lost in daydreams and fantasies about him.

👉You are selfish and sound insane

You're self-absorbed, all up in your head, and barely listen to your friends or family anymore (or take an interest in their lives). Instead, you are obsessively talking about twin flame telepathy, aliens, past lives, Illuminati, astral traveling, psychopaths, 5D ascension, and how "The Matrix" movies are in fact documentaries.

BTW these are all my favorite topics but for fuck's sake, you MUST choose the right audience! 

👉Your whole weekend is ruined by an unanswered text

Your friends can forget those plans of joyful shoe shopping, spa retreats, and carefree drinks. Your entire world shatters into million of broken pieces when your twin doesn't respond to your text. 

Instead, the weekend transforms into an exhausting marathon of tiptoeing around your erratic emotions, playing fetch with ice cream, wrapping you in a cozy blanket, consoling your sobbing ass, analyzing the true meaning behind the emoji he sent a week ago, or creating fake Facebook accounts to see if he's with another woman.

👉You're labeling him as a duchbag

You're tossing around labels like fucking confetti with your friends, branding your twin as a narcissist, a jerk, an asshole, a fuckboy, emotionally unavailable, commitment-phobe, and whatever other colorful terms you can conjure up.

All this without taking a damn ounce of responsibility for WHY he's acting that way in the first place - check out this article on how your clingy-obsessive energy is accidentally pushing your twin away to get a clue.

👉You're physically sick

They witness you battling strange stomach aches, debilitating migraines, uncontrollable vomiting, dizzy spells, or sudden emergency hospital visits to unravel the mystery of a supposed heart attack.

The pain in your chest turned out to be a panic attack triggered by the separation anxiety from your twin flame after 100+ past lives together that all ended in chaos, blood, witch hunt, and tragedy (but you fear you'll end up at a fucking mental hospital if you say it out loud).

Above are all NATURAL ascension symptoms but your friends (or even doctors) don't KNOW that. They just see how 'dangerous' the influence this guy has on your life.

Some days you are even so depressed that you can't even drag yourself out of bed, neglecting basic hygiene like brushing your damn teeth or washing your freakin' hair, and then calling in sick to work. 

In short: ever since this guy entered your life, you've transformed into a real-life Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Your behavior swings from one extreme to the other, leaving your loved ones confused AF and struggling to keep up.

Can you really blame your peeps?


They're just doing their damn job as loved ones; having your best interests at heart, and looking out for you based on the knowledge they have.

Imagine if you were completely unaware of the twin flame phenomenon, and witnessed your best friend or sister caught up in this tornado of fucks.

Wouldn't you be scared shitless seeing the overwhelming control this guy has over her? Naturally, you'd do everything in your fucking power to talk her out of the relationship and protect her sanity.

So, it's not their fault - it's yours. Accept, forgive, and let go.


Step #2: Stop Taking Advice from People Who Don't Get It

One of the sneakiest and most destructive ways you unknowingly self-sabotage your journey to twin flame reunion is by sharing your dreams with people who don't "get it". 

Dream thieves are people that will take a big shit on your dreams and visions. You will find them where you don’t want to find them - coworkers, relatives, parents, siblings, your best friend, or even in your twin flame.

But let's be clear: their ignorance is not entirely their fault. They've only been exposed to the happy-as-a-fucking-clam, people-pleasing, uptight, doormat persona you've projected throughout your entire existence.

This is the false you that I call your "Good Girl Avatar". She contains the parts of you that believe she is not enough, something is wrong with her, and she is powerless to do anything about it. You MUST kill that bitch if you're serious about manifesting a reunion.

The twin flame journey is designed to strip away this false cockblocking version of yourself, so you can fully unleash your true feminine power and raw rebellious spirit. That's the only way to become a vibrational motherfucking match to what you desire to call in from the Universe/God.

However, because your family and friends haven't seen this new 5D empowered version of you (and only know your 3D good girl avatar) they will fuck up your manifestations and point out all the millions of risks and reasons why you can't have what you want.

Science has shown that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

👉If you spend time with broke people, you will be broke.

👉If you spend time with twins who are whining, complaining, and suffering, you will also whine, complain and suffer in your twin flame relationship. 

👉If you spend time with millionaires, you will become a millionaire.

👉If you spend time with happy twin flame teachers who are in committed relationships or are married to their twins, you will also manifest a happy, committed relationship or marriage with your twin.


Read that again. 

It’s your motherfucking responsibility what people you choose to surround yourself with, what books you read, what podcasts you listen to, and what movies you're watching. 

I’m a high-value woman with an awesome 5D perspective. My energy and time are worth millions of bucks. I have invested a shit ton of money to plug out from the Matrix, get my twin flame back, and create the luxurious life I’m living.

I don't watch the news.

I have quit social media.

I don't gossip (and will leave the table if people around me gossip)

I’m an energy snob and I don’t accept any dead weight on my empire ship. There is no fucking way that I would ever consider hanging out with or working with someone who is operating in the dying 3D paradigm.

I'm a first-class ENERGY SNOB. This means I'm extremely picky with the people I spend time with. I know that if I allow just one drama queen into my life as a friend, partner, or client it will fuck up my manifestation flow and have a massive negative impact on my twin flame relationship, my business, and my entire life.

I don’t know about you, but I seriously don’t have time for that shit. I’m not an amusement park or an fucking entertainment show. I'm here to burn down this fucking paradigm and start a healing revolution that will change the fucking world. I only let badass people into my life.

Here’s the thing, there will always be someone telling you what you “should” do right now, or that your way and your choices “should” be different. 

And there is nothing more mentally handicapping than being scared of what other people think about you. My superpower is that I don't give a flying fuck what my parents, my sisters, my friends, or even my twin flame think about me. That's what real confidence looks like and it's the most magnetic, sexy AF energy in the world.

So, zip it, dump, delete, block, or at least take a well-deserved break from dream thieves. Don't try to explain, convince or share what you're going through in your twin flame journey. 

Also, stop seeking support in twin flame groups on Facebook! Most of the people here are unhealed, too attached, and EXPECT to be rejected and abandoned by their twins. They are stuck in a toxic pattern of whining, complaining, longing, and obsessing which means you will manifest the same reality.

Surrounding yourself around people who don't take action because they believe they're powerless and must patiently wait for "divine timing" to get their twins back is the dumbest thing you can do. If you are consuming the heavy energy from their posts, you will manifest more separation from your twin.


Step #3: Invest in Twin Flame Mentorship

When you cut ties with dream thieves and unleash your full potential under the guidance of a badass twin flame teacher who truly understands your journey, you'll experience an explosive surge of success that will blow your fucking mind.

In mentorship, you will be positively brainwashed to believe that everything is possible, that you can achieve anything, and that your twin will come crawling back to you. That kind of support and mindset is the key to collapsing time and space and manifesting a reunion. As I said, ENERGY IS CONTAGIOUS.

Would you tell a doctor that he should remove his appendix by himself? Of course not. You know it would be fucking impossible to perform an important operation from a tricky angle when you at the same time are experiencing great pain.

And yet this is the exact same mentality some women have with their love life and twin flame journey. We falsely believe that a twin flame reunion, the most challenging but also rewarding relationship on the planet, will fall from the fucking sky if we are just waiting for it to magically happen. It's an illusion.

I know you are a high-achieving, successful woman when it comes to your business or career. You always have a plan or strategy and know where you’re going and what your next move is. But when it comes to your love life, you stumble and leave it to God or the Universe to take control. Does that sound like a winning strategy to you?

You can't master salsa dancing or speak Japanese simply by wearing some fucking crystals in your bra or waiting for "divine timing". The same principle applies to your twin flame relationship. You must accept the fact that if you don't have what you want, it means there is a KNOWLEDGE GAP.

You're not broken. You are not stupid. You simply don't understand how men work or how to reach a twin flame reunion.

👉"I can do it myself" is a 3D lie. You can't heal by sitting at home and meditating alone. You need kickass support and a badass mentor to face your fears and practice being vulnerable with. 

👉"I don't have the money" is also just a bullshit excuse. You HAVE the money. You CAN still be comfortable with a stretch.

The real problem is that you're afraid to be SEEN. Your inner critic (good girl avatar) is telling you...

"What if it doesn't work out and I don't get results?"

"What if you drop the ball"?

"What if something happens and I can't be present in the container?"

"What if right now is not the right time?"

Newsflash: that fucking voice in your head - she wants you to stay small. She's scared shitless of change. She's trying to keep you "safe". Safe, unhappy, and unfulfilled. You need to tell that bitch to fuck off.

You - the YOU that YOU want to be, who you aspire to be - that next-level 5D version of yourself who is adored by her twin flame, engaged or married to him, who has cute babies and some naughty toddlers with him, who is feeling more confident, sexy and powerful than ever...

She's fucking ready for you to make that next investment. So go do it. The one you've been wanting to make. It's your move, and you already know what the fuck to do. 

If your ultimate dream is to build a family, conceive, and raise amazing kids, here's a hard-hitting truth: the longer you procrastinate, the more your precious eggs lose their vitality and become fucking worthless in the biological game. I know it sucks to read, but it's a goddam fact.

Here's a jaw-dropping story for you. I worked with a client who had been stuck in a painful twin flame journey for 15 years (she had just turned 43). When she stumbled upon me, everything changed. I helped her reclaim her twin flame, leading her to a fairy tale life - a Tiffany ring, a lavish wedding, and a big house with a white picket fence. But there was one missing piece...babies.

She went through countless torturous visits to doctors, and had several private healing sessions with me to remove possible pregnancy blocks, as she really wanted to conceive "naturally". And then the harsh truth slapped her in the face by her doctor...

Her eggs were deemed "too old" to fulfill her deepest longing. Even the option of using her eggs in a surrogate was shattered. So they chose a different path and embraced the power of adoption. No mistakes here, just a glorious twist of fate.

Now, this twin flame couple is happier than ever as they lovingly raise a little cute boy who needed them just as much as they needed him. In the end, a happy story.

However, this story serves also as an important reminder of this: No amount of healing, meditation, crystals, affirmations, or spells can beat mother nature. Don't wait.

I'm a powerful manifestation hacker who can bend the universe to my fucking command. However, biology bows to no one - not even me. 

So, if you're serious about creating the family you've always yearned for, it's time to seize the moment and take action TODAY like the unstoppable force you are. 

We both know you don't need some flashy 11:11 neon sign to guide your next move. You are already READY to take action, you just need to trust yourself to fucking jump! 

The truth is, deep down (and I mean not even that deep), you already have a clear vision of your next-level bitch move.

You feel it in your soul, coursing through your body. You know exactly who you want by your side, even if it scares the living hell out of you. Waiting for a sign won't cut it. The real answer lies in trusting yourself and taking the fucking leap.

Today is the fucking day that you can decide to make a move that changes your entire life. It is up to YOU!


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Viona Kali Haven

Viona Haven is a NO BS psychic coach and the authority on twin flame relationships and 5D ascension. She is the CEO and founder of her company Manifestation Diva and has helped 500+ women to reach a twin flame reunion.

Viona Haven and her company are leading the charge in teaching twin flame relationships and building female boss leaders who are devoted to global healing and changing the fucking world. The return is a twin flame love, massive mega impact, and 6-figure brands that give back. 

Viona Haven has completed her twin flame journey and lives in full union with her twin flame. Her favorite drink is hot chocolate with whipped cream because "all the cool adults drink it".

When not coaching her students into goddam goddesses, Viona can be found barefoot in nature, sunbathing by the pool, eating salted caramel ice cream, or watching Netflix documentaries about serial killers. She is a digital nomad traveling the world in a 4x4 camper van with her partner and dog. She’s never been happier.


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