From Separation to Harmonious Union: How I Reclaimed My Twin Flame (a No Bullsh*t Guide)

BLOG POSTS From Separation to Harmonious Union How I Reclaimed My Twin Flame (a No Bullsht Guide)
In this teaching on Twin Flame Relationships, you will learn: 
✨My own secret sauce to a long-lasting and separation-free flame reunion
✨How to unleash your inner rebel and take control of your twin flame reunion

✨How to rewrite the rulebook and create a union that's permanent and badass
✨How to handle twin flame obstacles, and ups and downs like a relationship pro
✨How to remove bullshit beliefs and manifest a twin flame reunion faster

I get bombarded with this question all the time: "How the hell did you snatch your twin flame back and reach a reunion in record time? And how do I maintain my twin flame relationship free from any separation?".

Well, let me spill the beans and share my secrets that have worked wonders for me and my clients. And if you're new to my blog, you should know that I'm the most successful twin flame teacher in the world. No brag, just a goddam fact.

Over 500+ women have got their twins back and manifested the commitment they want with my well-proven tools. Click here to read success stories from past clients.

Here's the kicker: I don't play by the rules.

I do things my way, and it's what keeps my twin flame hooked on me like a moth to a flame. See, anyone can manifest a quick fling, a cute text, or a hot date with their twin, but if you want to rock a long-lasting union that defies the odds for the next 50 years, you gotta tap into your feminine power.

Before I met my twin flame, I was stuck in a fucking rut. I used to brag about being a feminist and splitting things 50/50 in my romantic relationships, while secretly longing for something deeper. As a result, I attracted narcissists, commitment-phobes, and false twins like a magnet, leaving me frustrated AF.

Then, BAM! I met my true twin flame, and everything changed.

All past 3D dating and relationship "get your ex back" advice didn't work.

I tried to get help from so-called twins "experts" but all advice was just a big pile of fluffy, spiritual bypassing shit. So, I decided to throw out the rule book, give the twin flame community the middle fucking finger, and create my own path.

The answer to how I ascended and reached a twin flame reunion so fast is because I do things that work for me that ALLOW me to keep him in my life.

  • I don't pretend to be someone that I'm not - what you see is WHO I am. I'm dark, bold, and twisted. 
  • I plug into mentorship and education for continuous learning, activation and perspective shifts
  • I'm unfuckwithable and have strong AF boundaries in place with my twin
  • I raise my standards when I desire to without hesitation
  • I make necessary changes to my relationship when they are not serving me in the same way anymore
  • I don't compare myself to other women (like ever)
  • I'm focused on my life outside of my twin flame relationship 
  • I make HAVING FUN a fucking priority. 

It takes inner work, it takes dedication, consistency, investment, and courageous moves to keep your twin flame relationship hot and healthy and kick early signs of a separation stage to the curb.

What a REAL Twin  Flame Reunion Looks like:

It's time to burst that bubble of marital bliss and face the truth head-on. To key to manifesting a permanent twin flame reunion is to understand that it's not all rainbows and unicorns, romantic dinners, or multiple orgasms. Let's dive into the thrilling reality of what lies beyond the twin flame fairy tale.

Many unhealed women fall into the trap of believing that once their twins come back, life will be a non-stop confetti party filled with eternal happiness and Instagram-worthy pink perfection. Well, let me shatter that fucking illusion for you. A twin flame reunion is a chaotic symphony, composed of highs and lows, challenges and triumphs.

Here are some natural everyday obstacles you will have:

👉Tricky financial discussions that feel like navigating a minefield

👉The occasional clash of opinions on how to decorate the living room

👉A battle of wills over the proper way to fold the motherfucking laundry

👉Assembling IKEA furniture together without killing each other 

👉Notorious mothers-in-law with their uncanny ability to press all your buttons

👉Keeping it cool as you scoop up the dog poop you accidentally stepped in

👉Snoring that fucks up your night sleep, testing your patience and earplug collection


In my own twin-flame relationship, it seems like an endless discussion to decide whose turn it is to empty the dishwasher, load the coffee maker, or clean our disgusting microwave. I have discovered the shocking secret that resolves most of these kinds of relationship challenges and avoids fights:

Paper, Scissors, & Rock. 

I'm serious. It's a fun and playful way to settle our differences and keep the spark alive. Luckily for me, my twin sucks at that game, and I triumph with a 90% win rate. Ha!

The adventure doesn't end at the "I do" in church. Once you add kids to the mix, get ready for sleepless nights and diaper dilemmas where caffeine becomes your fucking lifeline and eye bags become the latest fashion trend. 

Just when you thought you had survived the tumultuous newborn years, your adorable angels transform into pint-sized tornadoes of tantrums, storming through the treacherous realms of a new Freudian fucking stage.

Prepare for toys to take flight, tears to flow like rivers and the constant parade of school-induced stomach flu sicknesses that leave you perpetually playing catch-up with work while your grip on sanity slowly loosens its grasp. 

And here's a real-life tale from a client: a husband perpetually sleepy in the mornings, with an annoying habit of mistakenly swapping lunch boxes and leaving her with an unexpected 2000-calorie feast instead of her meticulously planned 500-calorie delight. 

Later on in your twin flame relationship, you will also handle other natural challenges including the emotional journey of sickness, getting fired from your job, and grieving the loss of your parents.

Simply put, in order to navigate all these future natural challenges, avoid a breakup/divorce, and manifest a PERMANENT reunion, you need to master new love and relationship skills.


The Lie About the Twin Flame Destination

Imagine I have a big fucking microphone right next to your ear as you read this: A TWIN FLAME JOURNEY IS NOT A FUCKING END STATION!

Period. Getting your twin flame back won't magically solve all your damn problems, and anyone who tells you otherwise is feeding you a load of bullcrap. 

When your twin flame finally returns, that's when the REAL work kicks into high gear. There's no room for complacency or thinking you've reached some magical destination.

If you want to dodge the dreaded separation stage, ghosting, fights, and messy breakups, you better grasp the concept of leaning the fuck back. It's like shedding pounds and maintaining that killer body - you gotta put in the effort, no shortcuts.

Here's the deal: We all know you will manifest weight loss by eating healthier and hitting the gym. It's common sense, right? Well, the same damn principle applies to living in full union with your twin.

Don't fool yourself into thinking that a big diamond ring, a 100K wedding, or popping out a couple of mini versions of yourselves through your fucking vagina will guarantee your twin flame's eternal loyalty.

I'll lay it out plain and simple:
🧪mothering behaviors,
🧪weak boundaries,
🧪poor communication skills,
🧪unresolved emotional triggers,
🧪rejection/abonnement fears,
🧪unhealed daddy issues,
🧪an insecure attachment style,

...are motherfucking ATTRACTION KILLERS in love! They work like slow poisons on your reunion and will manifest a separation, sooner or later.

Now, don't get all worked up. You don't need to be perfect. Just like a pint of chocolate cake won't ruin your diet, one day of leaning forward and being a fucking drama queen won't shatter your relationship.

If the man you are with is your TRUE twin flame, he is not easily spooked. Trust me, I know. Even during my PMS-induced rollercoaster rides or my schizophrenia bipolar meltdowns, he has stuck around.

However, it's a big fucking difference between chomping on HUNDRED CHOCOLATE CAKES A DAY versus indulging in just ONE every now and then.

Similarly, if you're constantly stuck in an obsessive, clingy, needy, control-freak mode 99% of the time, you'll wreck your twin flame connection and send your twin running for the hills once more.

So, when your twin flame finally makes a comeback, you better plant yourself firmly in the leaning-back lane. Embracing your feminine power is not a one-time thing, it's a badass way of life. 

UNVEILING MY SECRET SAUCE: How I Keep My Twin Flame and Manifest a Permanent Reunion Free from Separation

Secret #1: I Protect Our Reuion with Ninja-Level Privacy

Protection is the male twin’s aka the masculine partner's dominant role in the twin flame relationship. However, when you're a famous manifestation hacker like me, with four companies, serving thousands (soon millions) of people all over the world, you need to take radical responsibility.

👉I don't post cheesy pictures of my twin

👉I won't reveal where in the world we are 

👉I don't post intimate photos of us in bed

👉I don't even show you his fucking face

Why? Because the best sign of a healthy romantic relationship is when you don't see any damn sign of it on social media.

Forget about those twin flame "experts" who feel the need to flaunt their love in front of the whole damn world. They're addicted to 3D validation (comments and likes) and are missing the fucking point. 

If you're a twin flame teacher like me or a relationship coach you might falsely believe that you must post photos of your husband and kids so you can "prove" that you have succeeded yourself and that you're the embodiment of what you teach.

Trust me, it's not worth it.

I have worked with enough celebrities, famous actors, and Instagram influencers to know for a fact that the more you keep your relationship AWAY from the spotlight of social media, the STRONGER the relationship.

And I'm living fucking proof that you don't need to post cheesy couple photos to make fuck tons of money as a love coach.

Mystery is hot, oversharing is a buzz kill.

I never understood the fascination with reality shows like The Kardashians. Frankly, I found them stupid, boring, and lame. I'd rather dive into the dark and disturbing world of Jeffrey Dahmer's Series any day than waste my time on the glittery facade of Real Housewives.

Social media has become nothing more than a modern-day reality show, where people incessantly showcase every fucking detail about their lives in Instagram stories and it's insane to say at least.

The core element of feminine energy is MYSTERY. The biggest mistake women do in their twin flame relationships is to post every little detail about their lives on social media. A part of my twin flame mission is to teach the danger of social media and how it destroys the sacredness and integrity of your life and reunion. 

It's impossible to maintain the mystery, the allure, the attraction, and the magnetism if you're constantly revealing every fucking intimate detail about your love life on social media.

Your man can't feel safe and trust you if he knows that you are going to share his words, his secrets, and mistakes on social media or post disturbing selfies like "Look how cute my twin is when he's sleeping" as soon as you get the fucking chance. 

Secret #2: I Always Work With at Least One Mentor 

I'm in this for the long game. And that one right there is the reason most women can’t manifest a long-lasting twin flame reunion. They fall off the track and start to sabotage their relationship again by leaning forward.

Last year I said to myself "I'm going to try and do this on my own for a while. I will just enjoy my twin flame relationship for a time". 

That didn't last long. 

When I was not in mentorship I noticed:

  • I felt more emotionally "hungry", and I became more needy, clingy, and frustrated
  • My PMS swings were worse than ever and I had longer depressive periods 
  • I started to eat more junk food and didn't take care of my appearance
  • My sales in my business slowed down and I attracted more unaligned clients 
  • I started using my twin for mentorship of all my business concerns (that is NOT what your boyfriend/husband is there for)
  • I started to lean forward more, whine, complain, and become passive aggressive 
  • I couldn't let off of the past and I felt triggered by my mother and father 24/7
  • My twin flame relationship felt heavier, darker, and tenser. 
  • We had less sex, endless draining discussions (that I started), and fight more

I've learned my lesson the hard way, and I'm never going back. I'll never be without mentorship again, even when I foolishly think I've got it all under control. The truth is, I ALWAYS need it. We ALL need support.

There will ALWAYS be questions, and new levels of triggers, communication, and new challenges that pop up like unexpected plot twists. And let me tell you, I'd rather have that strong kickass support system in place when shit hits the fan than try to navigate it all on my own.

Just because you CAN do it yourself doesn't mean that you're supposed to. Why struggle in the darkness, desperately searching for answers, when you can have a crew of mentors lighting up the path ahead? 

Mentorship makes me a better human in my life. I'm a better GIRLFRIEND, FRIEND, SISTER, DAUGHTER, LEADER, MENTOR, BUSINESS OWNER, and CEO when I work with at least one coach.

My team, my friends [even in the twin flame industry], my family, and my twin, don't need me drowning in thoughts, worries, and obsessive energy. They deserve the best version of me, free from suffocating distractions.

I love them to bits, but let's face it, they just don't "get it." They can't comprehend the depth of my psychic abilities, my 5D ascension journey, my ego death, or the transformation I've made in breaking free from the motherfucking Matrix.

That's why I need a mentor who has already walked this path, who understands every twist and turn, and who can guide me toward the highest version of myself. 

Having mentorship, no matter how much you use it, is priceless and the best fucking insurance policy that exists. 

You can learn things through digital programs but you will EXPERIENCE things in mentorship. You can learn about triggers in training, but you will FACE your triggers in mentorship. 

This is why mentorship is so POWERFUL. And this is also why I believe many people are scared of mentorship because you've got to FACE things differently. It's more vulnerable, more skin in the game, and deeper, but that's also the fucking point.

Secret #3: I Invest A LOT in Private Mentorship 

So far, I have invested over $68,000 dollars in 1:1 coaching and I will CONTINUE to invest in mentorship until the day I die even when I don't "NEED IT". 

Let's be honest; investing MONEY into your twin flame relationship isn't the problem.

You HAVE the money. You CAN still be comfortable with a stretch.

But the real problem is that you're afraid to be seen, to go "all in", to be the leader, to hold yourself to a higher standard, and to STOP with all your BS excuses of why you "can't".

In mentorship you're going to have to actually commit, actually show up, actually be seen, and actually be vulnerable. 

And if you're scared to invest, it's because you're not trusting yourself enough to do the above to "make the investment back. You are scared to fail because you have abandoned yourself and played small your whole fucking life.

But you're fooling yourself if you think you can heal by isolating yourself and meditating in the comfort of your fucking home. You MUST have a mirror and mentor who can hold space for your emotional shit. This is also the reason why 1:1 mentorship *can* feel scarier to invest in.

Here's where you will practice emotional leadership, communication, commitment, personal power, emotional intelligence, self-awareness, etc. so you don't fuck up your twin flame relationship.

👉No training can replace the experience of a private coaching relationship. 

👉No program can replace the experience of private mentorship.

You are already doing so much. No matter what you do for work, I know you spend ALL DAY every day supporting others and holding space. Who holds space for YOU!?

I want to continue to keep my relationship hot and healthy and that requires me to continue to refine my feminine energy skills.

It's very easy for me to attract clients who have the same mindset + standards for themselves because I actually am a living fucking breathing embodiment of what I preach.

 I'm committed to mastering my craft, always getting better - and not letting my fucking EGO get in the way of my continued growth and success.

What you desire is BIG. The life you want, the impact, the relationship, the mission, the money - it's BIG. So playing small is not gonna get you BIG results.

It's fucking time to go bigger than ever before. It's your move, and you already know what to do. So do it.

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Viona Kali Haven

Viona Haven is a NO BS psychic coach and the authority on twin flame relationships and 5D ascension. She is the CEO and founder of her company Manifestation Diva and has helped 500+ women to reach a twin flame reunion.

Viona Haven and her company are leading the charge in teaching twin flame relationships and building female boss leaders who are devoted to global healing and changing the fucking world. The return is a twin flame love, massive mega impact, and 6-figure brands that give back. 

Viona Haven has completed her twin flame journey and lives in full union with her twin flame. Her favorite drink is hot chocolate with whipped cream because "all the cool adults drink it".

When not coaching her students into goddam goddesses, Viona can be found barefoot in nature, sunbathing by the pool, eating salted caramel ice cream, or watching Netflix documentaries about serial killers. She is a digital nomad traveling the world in a 4x4 camper van with her partner and dog. She’s never been happier.


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