The Ultimate Law of Attraction Hack to Manifest a Twin Flame Reunion

BLOG POSTS The Ultimate Law of Attraction Hack to Manifest a Twin Flame Reunion
In this teaching on Twin Flame Relationships, you will learn:
✨Why you MUST have fun to get your twin flame back
✨How high energy will empower you to manifest twin flame faster
✨How carrying an aura that feels “desperate” will pysh him away
✨How having fun is the best protection spell to block out narcissists
✨How to become desirable without using any horrific manipulation tactics

Do you find yourself struggling to have fun in your life since you met your twin flame? Are you constantly bogged down by stress, anxiety, or other negative emotions that make it hard to enjoy yourself?

If so, you're not alone. Prioritizing fun may feel impossible for women during their twin flame journey. 

One thing that most of us experience is intense emotional fucking PAIN. It's like a never-ending emotional rollercoaster, with ups and downs that can leave us feeling dizzy and fucking disoriented.

👉You feel hurt by what your twin flame did or didn't say, or what he did or didn't do.

👉You might feel super connected and in sync with your twin flame one moment, only to be met with sudden distance, ghosting, and confusion the next. It's like a love-hate relationship that you just can't seem to quit!

👉You are forced to confront and heal these wounds in order to fully embody your highest self and embrace the full potential of your twin flame connection. Hence, having "fun" seems like a pipe dream.

But what if I told you that there's a fun and easy way to speed up the process of manifesting twin flame love?

It's true – having fun is actually one of the most effective ways to attract love into your life.

When we're having fun, we're in a positive state of mind. We're relaxed, happy, and open to new experiences. This positive energy radiates out into the universe, attracting more positivity and abundance into our lives. And when it comes to manifesting love, this positive energy is essential.

While shadow work can be a powerful tool for self-improvement, it's crucial to remember that we also need to balance it out with some good old-fashioned fun.

If you only focus on your negative emotions and tough twin flame experiences, you can easily fall into a spiral of despair and hopelessness. It's like you're in a never-ending tunnel of darkness, unable to see the light at the end. 

In fact, laughter has been scientifically proven to have all sorts of benefits for our physical and mental health. It can reduce stress and anxiety, improve our mood, and even boost our immune system.

Desperation is a smell. It’s a vibe you can’t hide.

It infuses your body, your glands, your eyes, your hair – when we are filled with urgency when we are tense and desperate and “needy” – there is no disguise big enough or thick enough to keep everyone around you from feeling it.

If we “blame” and “punish” ourselves for all these desperate and urgent sensations – we just make it worse. Not only do we “reek” of desperation and need – we reek of self-torture.

The only man who’s attracted to that combo is the one you don’t want - a narcissist who is unable to love anyone else than himself.

Anxiety is not only UNATTRACTIVE but it will also cockblock your way to manifest a reunion because you're not a vibrational MATCH to a twin flame reunion.

Feeling Happy = reunion

Feeling Anxious = separation.

So, when you incorporate laughter and fun into your life, you will speed up the time to manifest what you want; your twin flame coming back begging you for a second chance!

What's holding you back from letting go and having fun? Are you afraid of being judged by others?

Do you identify with the story that a twin flame journey has to be hard and complicated (because that belief will work as a self-fulling prophecy)?

Do you struggle with feelings of guilt or shame when you try to have fun like you're not worthy to relax until.... (insert belief)?

Or are you simply stuck in a rut, missing your twin terribly, and don't know how to break free?

I explain my unique manifesting method more in my guide that you can download for free below: 

Get Your Twin Flame Back eBook (2)

One of the core elements of my teaching is to help you stop obsessive overthinking and to bring more joy into your life so you can manifest a reunion in this lifetime, as fast as possible.

However, the most avoided homework I give my 1:1 twin flame clients is to have fun.

I ask them to schedule a day with zero work, chores, or tasks and just flow, laugh, and enjoy life.

One of my clients who is a multimillionaire famous business coach actually BEGGED me with tears in her eyes for a different homework assignment: 

“Can’t I please do something else? Can’t I just journal about my fears for 100 pages or something instead?”

And she’s not alone. I’m an ex-perfectionist who never felt good enough if I wasn’t stressed and exhausted.

But here’s the thing:

The “flow” part of Flow Dating is not just a cute trick.

Flow Dating is NOT a mind game to make your twin commit to you.

Feeling the FLOW is an important fucking way to raise your vibrations so you can become a MATCH for a twin flame reunion.

Having FUN is also the motherfucking key to making sure you don't let the WRONG people into your life.


🤯If your single life sucks and you don't experience a lot of fun, it becomes way too fucking easy for a man to be the highlight of your life.

👉This makes you available to date men who can’t offer you shit like false twins, fuck boys, emotionally unavailable men, narcissists, etc.

🤯When the fun level is dangerously low, to begin with, you’ll become clingy and needy.

👉Not having fun will activate your need to treat your twin like he’s a fucking celebrity because there is zero competition.

If your life always feels shitty, then dating a man who is also shitty won't be a contrast. It's “normal” for you.

But as soon as your single life feels like a freaking fucking party on steroids, you’ll notice in a second if your dating life makes you feel like crap.

If your life suddenly feels worse when you date a certain person you’ll be able to spot red flags and dump his ass early.

Having fun is your strongest shield to block out narcissists because they target bored people.

Bored women have no fucking problem putting their men on a pedestal and that’s the relationship requirement for a narcissist.

So if you have a pattern of attracting energy vampires I bet my sweet ass that you don’t have much fun in your life.

Experiencing that black-white contrast is a fucking gift because it reduces the risk of you wasting years on douchebags and false twins.

Most high-achieving, ambitious women have no fucking idea what brings them joy and meaning except work.

So they don’t have energy for more than a coffee with friends or watching TV in their free time. That’s why a homework assignment like “have fun” feels silly and stupid to them.

They have forgotten how attractive PASSION is. They have neglected what brings them fucking JOY, which is not a surprise because we are DRILLED to work hard, improve, push, and perform.

That's a big reason why TV shows like The Real Housewives, Dance 100, or School of Chocolate have become so incredibly popular; it's one of the few times we can see other adults relax at fancy spas, play, dance...and it awakens something in us.

Some women argue with me and tell me that as soon as their twins come back, THEN they will live their best life. They are only miserable because they’re separated but the day he comes back THEN everything will change.

If you have a mindset like that you’re putting your twin on a fucking pedestal and your happiness in his hands. And that’s too much responsibility. No wonder he runs away from you. Sorry, not sorry.

When you feel happy and fulfilled without a man’s dick🍆 or attention, that is when you become dangerously attractive and a match for a twin flame reunion.

You have to have fun. Period.

If you don't remember what you love, you have to figure that shit out again, and then prioritize doing more of what gives you that fucking spark in your eyes.

You need to give the twin flame community the middle fucking finger because this belief that “a twin flame journey is hard and complicated” is not only WRONG but DANGEROUS.

The whole point of attracting your twin flame is to have the TIME OF YOUR FUCKING LIFE along the entire journey.

Massive happiness = massive love success.

You’re not meant to suffer.

And if you found yourself in a season where you lost yourself, it's okay. Have compassion. Take accountability. Refocus.

Remember, there is a healthier, easier, and happier way to reach a reunion!


🔥Step #1: Commit to having fun

It’s a daily fucking commitment in today's society to refuse to be a part of the hustling culture.

We are brainwashed to believe that relaxing and having fun is irresponsible, immature, and lazy and this is WRONG.

Commit to staying in your own lane and doing what ACTUALLY makes YOU happy, not what makes other people happy.

Be willing to take a step back and re-adjust as SOON as you notice it's too much/out of alignment instead of ignoring your intuition and letting it get too far.

Stop being attached to facts/numbers or taking failures so personally (hence this builds emotional intelligence which is super hot). 

The love success you’re dreaming of is built from FUN and COURAGE.

It takes courage to have fun in a world filled with control freaks and boring perfectionists.

This means every time you stay small, hold back, don’t make a decision, etc. because of fear…is another moment you’re losing the MIND-BLOWING love success and FULFILLING TWIN FLAME JOURNEY you could have…

I don’t know about you, but that’s all I need to hear to GO MOVE.

🔥Step #2: Dare to be silly

Having fun doesn't have to be difficult, expensive, or take a long time.

For example, I am a baking ninja, and baking my famous saffron buns or carrot cake instantly raises my mood. Not because my family is obsessed with them but because the feeling I get from standing in the kitchen baking them is so much fun!

I’m dark by nature. I’m drawn to twisted, creepy, and weird shit. 

Monster - The Jeffery Dahmer Story is my favorite TV show. My daily relationship goal is to have a love that looks like Morticia and Gomez Addams. 

However, if I stay too long in those 7D energies I will face an energetic dip. If this happens I pause watching my beloved serial killers documentaries and true crime shows.

I watch stand-up specials and comedies instead. That’s an easy way to shift your focus towards more joy.

Putting on uplifting music while doing the dishes is also something most women can do and can afford. I love doing silly face and dance challenges on YouTube with my nieces!

🔥Step #3: Giggle more

When was the last time you had a proper belly laugh or cried from laughing? 

If you don’t have at least one really good fuck-I-just-peed-my-pants-belly-laugh EVERY DAY then something is seriously wrong!

I have a YouTube playlist with funny videos I commit to watching if I need to raise my mood.

I always crack up when I watch the “I’m not a cat video that went viral during the pandemic. A Texas lawyer gets stuck with a cat filter during a serious virtual court case through Zoom. It’s hysterical, watch it here if you have missed it.

You don’t need a man, not even your twin, to have FUN. 

If you’re not madly in love with yourself and with your life, why the fuck would your twin fall madly in love with you?! 💣 💣 💣

🔥Step #4: Celebrate TINY wins

I will NEVER stop sharing the success stories of my clients. Because it shows YOU what's possible, and they DESERVE to be highlighted.

But in a world where an engagement ring is glamoured as the STATUS of love success, it can sometimes feel like you're not good enough, your wins are not good enough to share - and I say FUCK ALLLLL OF THAT NONSENSE.

Didn’t break the no-contact rule for 90 days?

Didn’t check his social media pages for 2 weeks?

Did you set a difficulty boundary today on speaking in only “I feel…“ statements?

I and clients will be over here celebrating the HECK out of everything.

All day every day.

It’s FUCKING FUN in the Haven World!

And you deserve to experience it too!

I give you radical permission to flow and relax today.

Viona xx


Do you want to learn more of my powerful secrets to help you heal your twin flame's commitment phobia so you can finally manifest the blissful reunion you want? 

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Just READING our testimonials will activate a "Wow, everything is truly possible! If she can do it, so can I 🤩"  attitude within you, which is crucial for high vibration so you can manifest a twin flame reunion. Some women have displayed phone texts, calls, and dates with their twins from just VISITING our high-vibrating page!


5. Have questions? Comment below or send me an email to support@vionahaven.com and my team of certified twin flame teachers will help you create a personalized step-by-step plan to manifest a twin flame reunion in this lifetime as fast as fucking possible. 

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Viona Kali Haven

Viona Haven is a NO BS psychic coach and the authority on twin flame relationships and 5D ascension. She is the CEO and founder of her company Manifestation Diva and has helped 500+ women to reach a twin flame reunion.

Viona Haven and her company are leading the charge in teaching twin flame relationships and building female boss leaders who are devoted to global healing and changing the fucking world. The return is a twin flame love, massive mega impact, and 6-figure brands that give back. 

Viona Haven has completed her twin flame journey and lives in full union with her twin flame. Her favorite drink is hot chocolate with whipped cream because "all the cool adults drink it".

When not coaching her students into goddam goddesses, Viona can be found barefoot in nature, sunbathing by the pool, eating salted caramel ice cream, or watching Netflix documentaries about serial killers. She is a digital nomad traveling the world in a 4x4 camper van with her partner and dog. She’s never been happier.


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