Flow Dating: The Most Effective Way To Get Your Twin To Commit In A Relationship

BLOG POSTS Flow Dating The Most Effective Way To Get Your Twin To Commit In A Relationship
In this teaching on Twin Flame Relationships, you will learn:
✨The most powerful way to manifest a twin flame reunion
✨The myths, lies, and confusion about Flow Dating
✨How living in celibate will SLOW down the time to reunion  
✨How to make your twin step up and claim you faster
✨How to feel more powerful, confident, sexy, and desirable

Are you experiencing a strong emotional attachment to your twin? Is the pain of the separation too much for you to bear?

Are you constantly thinking or daydreaming about him, and finding it difficult to enjoy your life because you miss him so goddam much? 

Are you ready to go out of your comfort zone and do something that will guarantee you to speed up the time to manifest a twin flame reunion?

The fastest and most powerful way to get what you want in love (a Twin Flame Reunion, the ring, a loving marriage) is to flow date.

The biggest mistake a woman makes when dating is closing down all her options and becoming exclusive with a man before he has given her the commitment she wants.

Flow dating is, and will continue to be, one of the most powerful ways a single woman can date and meet their twin flame and manifest the commitment they desire from him.

Now before you freak out because you think dating other men than your twin is cheating (and what's even the point because you will never find a man you feel that intense connection with anyway), HEAR ME OUT! 📢

Flow Dating is NOT about dating!

It CAN be but it doesn’t even need to INCLUDE "dating other men". 

Flow Dating is a THERAPEUTIC step in the Viona Haven Method where you interact with men out in the world and practice all the tools and feel like a fucking diva queen. 

This can look like. . . 

  • A short conversation with a man at Starbucks,
  • Encounter with the male cashier in the grocery store,
  • Asking a guy at the gym to help you adjust your weights,
  • Go to an art class and draw (and talk) with the nude models,
  • An actual date.

So, let’s clear the misunderstanding once and for all:

❌Flow Dating is NOT about sleeping with multiple men.

❌Flow Dating is NOT a way to manipulate your twin into a commitment.

It is about getting to know, and spending time with, many men, and only offering your exclusivity and commitment to a single man who is ready to offer you the same commitment in return (aka your twin).

This article explains the concept in detail and busts any myths or confusion that might surround Flow Dating!


 So, What the heck is Flow Dating?

We practice Flow dating in three steps:

Date YourSelf

Date the World

Date Men


The concept of flow dating, when it comes to dating yourself means living a life with purpose. A major part of this is to find your unique twin flame mission.

The more FUN you have in your life, the more high-vibe you'll be. The more high-vibe you are, the faster you will collapse timelines and take a shortcut to attract what you want.

Now, saying to yourself that you should stop thinking about your twin is like saying that you can’t eat candy – then you want it even more! The human brain works like that: when we forbid ourselves to do something, it feels more tempting to do it.

So instead of forbidding you to do something, I want you to keep your mind so busy with other things that you DON’T HAVE THE FUCKING TIME to think about him. That's the fastest way to detach from the outcome so you can manifest your dream relationship.

A manifestation diva’s life is a colorful and sparkling amusement park with exciting rides and spinning carousels. Men are naturally drawn to it, like bees to honey, because a manifestation diva feels SEDUCTIVE and FUN.

When you do things you love, you become naturally “hard to get” because when we have something in our lives we burn passionately for, we become irresistible to a man.

It’s the same for us women: the more the male twin appears interested in other things, the more we want him. So, Flow dating is about using this knowledge as a powerful law of attraction hack!


Flow dating is something a manifestation diva NEVER stops doing. Flow Dating is FREE therapy. It's about learning to be in your feminine energy, to keep an open vibration, and to feel grounded, safe, powerful, and flowing with the world.

Flow dating the world and being in the flow with the world is our secret weapon to never be taken for granted. It keeps us so high-vibe that we never feel the need to become needy or clingy, or chase a man's attention.

But of course, it looks different if you are engaged, married, or in a committed relationship.

Obviously, you don’t give out your number or go on dates with other men. However, you always keep your vibration open.

You talk and smile warmly and have fun and interesting conversations with ANYONE (not just men) whom the Universe puts into your life. You take responsibility for having your needs met and keeping your emotional tank full—whether your twin’s energy is coming toward you or not.

You consider every man, woman, and child who shows up in front of you, on any day, at any time, as an agent of a messenger there just for YOU and you invite a short conversation. 

You don't hide. You don't close off. Instead, you own your place in the fucking spotlight and practice on RECEIVING energy.

Thus, a married woman could say "good morning" and smile at the coffee barista each day before work - that's Flow Dating! I explain this more in my guide that you can download for free below:




The concept of flow dating when it comes to dating men, is the idea of dating more than one guy at the same time, till you have found that one man who offers you the dream commitment you desire (aka your TRUE twin flame).

You get to decide what that commitment looks like for you.

It could be that your twin is asking you to be his girlfriend, it could be him asking you to be his wife, it could be the two of you decide to buy a house together, or it could be the two of you decide to travel the world together in a van (like I and my partner do).

Until you have that kind of commitment you desire and that makes you feel 100% fucking safe in the love of a man, you are allowed to keep your options open and go on with what I call non-sexual, “flame dates” with many men.  

Simply put; to stay sane and detached because that is super attractive for the male twin flame.


The Celebrity Effect

The reason Flow Dating is so damn powerful is because of something I call The Celebrity Effect.

It works like this: The more attractive you are to most men, the more attractive you will be to most men.

In other words, if you are busy and attractive and you are at the center of the circle of men looking for you and interested in you, more men will find you attractive because it will increase your value. 

The fear of losing you has to be stronger than ýour twin's fear of committing to a relationship. It's not mind games. Flow dating and the Celebrity Effect doesn't work if you fake it.

You need to FEEL like the most attractive woman on the planet to become attractive, and knowing you have OPTIONS is the sexiest vibe in the world!

The celebrity effect works in EVERYTHING.

➡️You will be more attractive for a high-paying job if you already have four good job offers. Your boss will promote you faster if he is afraid of losing you.

➡️You will be more attractive to customers and inspire them to invest in your high ticket offers if you already have money and easily get sales. The less sales you NEED, the more sales you will ATTRACT.

➡️The same principle applies to bidding on houses. The more people bid on something, the higher value people perceive it to have, and that increases the value.

What you want to do is create a high value around yourself. You are a Gucci, not a bargain sale.

That's why flow dating makes you feel like you're at the center of a bidding war, which is good for your personal confidence, which is the most important thing here!

You can't pretend to be confident all the time. You must be sure! 


What Are Flame Dates?

Flame dates are designed for women to practice embodying their feminine energy while meeting different men, allowing them to find out compatibility with potential partners in terms of values, wavelength, and frequency.

Cinema dates, walk in the park, coffee dates, visits to the museums, dinner dates, or exhibitions with your new date prospect are all great examples of flame dates.

You chat with these men and get to know them by spending time with them. And you avoid getting into the sexual zone with any of them.

This gives you time to figure out who you like best and who is the best match for you in the long run, without getting distracted by magnetic connection, sexual chemistry, or attraction right away.

It's like trying on different shoes to see which ones fit the best and feel the most comfortable.

Flow Dating is about INTERACTING WITH MEN at a level you're comfortable with.

This practice helps you keep the focus on yourself instead of any one particular man (your twin flame).

At the same time, when you're dating a man, you're leaning back, you're practicing being warm and open to him (which inspires him to lean in to connect with you) and you're speaking and interacting from your feminine energy (rather than in your masculine energy).

Any man who's noticing you, and is interested in you, or spending time with you is a part of your Flow dating rotation of men. 

Flow dating does NOT mean that you have sex with every man you meet, and it’s not a quick-fix tool to force your twin to commit. No healthy man on the planet responds to manipulation!

When you flowdate, there are no games, no pressure, and no ultimatums. You keep your options open. You talk, chat, and flirt with interesting men and go on innocent flame dates like walks in the park.


make him obsessed wirth you program




1) It Prevents You From Focusing Too Much On Your Twin (or a Man You’re Just Getting To Know)

If you can't even look at another man than your twin without feeling guilty, and you spend most of your free time in bed watching Netflix shows, binge-eating chocolate, and stalking his social media pages, then you're FUCKED.

This means your energy is CLOSED and that creates an energetic vibration that feels desperate, needy, clingy, and attached to your twin. He can feel your low energy telepathically and it's an attraction killer. 

Your ENERGY needs to FLOW 24/7 to manifest what you desire. God, the Universe, the Law of Attraction, or whatever you want to call it, can't deliver what you want if you're waiting for a man to make up his mind about you.

It doesn’t even matter if he’s asked you for exclusivity or not. You start to treat your twin like your boyfriend and give him all the privileges, even though he doesn’t treat you like his girlfriend. You shut down all your options and get emotionally invested. 

Does this end well? Fuck no, in my experience and in the experience of my clients. This laser focus on one man will make him run for the hills.

Waiting for a man feels like torture and, like most of us, you start to feel weird, insecure, and scared. 

You’re "holding your tongue," and not asking him every few minutes whether he wants to marry you, or if he’s in love with you – even though you WANT to – until you can't take the pressure anymore so you push him for a commitment.

That’s why Flow Dating is a lifesaver. It helps you work on your emotional shit and to feel so good that you can be "cool" - no matter what a man does or doesn't.

If you are ridiculously loyal and shower your twin with attention whenever he gives you a little bit of hope—one text, one call after weeks of ghosting—you WILL be taken for granted. Being taken for granted is the fastest way to kill all intimacy and attraction! 

When you get texts from Phil, John, and Michael, you’re much less likely to obsess about why Phil isn’t messaging. John and Michael are treating you like a queen, and are actively pursuing you.

Don't feel guilty about playing the field! You don't owe your twin a shit until he asks you to be exclusive.


2) It Helps You Heal Your Emotional Shit Once & Prepare For A Reunion

Intimacy is a terrifying thing for most of us. 

And I know this for fucking sure: if you cave into your fears and insecurities and start demanding a level of intimacy your twin is not ready to handle – you lose.

Most women can't keep their twins in their lives because their insecurities push the male twin flames away sooner or later and they end up manifesting a separation stage - again.

You don't heal your intimacy fears by meditating 20 minutes every day, wearing some fucking crystal in your bra, or whining about what a jerk he is in twin flame groups on Facebook. 

Instead, in the Haven world we divas work on our OWN fear of intimacy, and open our fucking hearts to allow a man in, with different men so we are READY when our twin RETURNS.

We can give as much warmth as possible whenever he DOES venture in close – and use Flow Dating to stay sane while the dating process is unfolding. By doing this we have a huge chance of having what we truly want with our twins.

Flow dating helps you deal with the uncertainty that most women can't handle when you're in this limbo😵 with your twin, so you don't sabotage the relationship WHEN he does comes back.

(With "limbo" I mean choosing to live in celibacy or being in an exclusive dating situation with a man who's ghosting and ignoring you and is still in the process of deciding if you’re the right one for him...)

When you are Flow Dating you feel happy, relaxed, powerful, and satisfied. You feel desirable and wanted.

If your twin is ghosting you or your husband is tired or grumpy, so what? The world is filled with men who worship you, adore you, and want to give their energy to you!

That detached mindset shift is super attractive, and if you can kill your good girl avatar and master this, hot men will flock to you like bees to honey including your twin flame!

flowdating 3

3) It Saves You Months Or Even Years Of Your Life.

Why waste six months to six years of your life on a relationship that's going nowhere? With flowdating, you get to enjoy the single life and avoid settling down with any one man too quickly.

You only commit to a guy who's willing to offer you the level of commitment and affection you deserve because that is what your TRUE twin flame will do! He WILL step up and if he's not stepping up, he's a false twin.

Flow dating helps you see early red flags, so you can wave goodbye to all those wasted years with false twins and say hello to a fulfilling relationship that makes you feel safe and cherished.

When a man disappears on you, drops out of rotational dating, or treats you poorly in a relationship, he is by DEFINITION not the right man! He's Mr. Wrong and a FALSE TWIN.

If this happens, don't obsess about making it better with him. Don't beat yourself up for things not working out.

Don't force something that's simply not meant to be.

Instead - let go, relax in your Feminine, and trust that, with the right man, your Mr. Right, your TRUE twin flame, it will feel easy and good, AND he will stay and stick by your side effortlessly.

Because that's what real twin flame love is made of - ease, good feelings, and comfort, not pain, insecurity, and drama.

The Benefits of Flow Dating are ENDLESS but here are the biggest ones:

  • You will speed up the commitment process.
  • You will activate your twin's “I need to win her”
  • You will embody feminine energy.
  • You will end all overthinking and anxiety.
  • You will detach yourself from the outcome
  • You will naturally lean back.
  • You will learn to spot red flags early.
  • You will heal your insecure attachment style.
  • You will prevent neediness or clinginess.
  • You will never be taken for granted.
  • You will raise your value massively.
  • You will feel relaxed, patient, sexy, desirable, and powerful.


Isn't Flow Dating Cheating?

It can’t be cheating if there is no real commitment. 

The male twin flame needs to prove to you in ACTIONS that he is your one and only. 

Having vivid dreams about a guy, experiencing a magnetic connection, or seeing the repeated number 11:11 IS NOT ENOUGH to give a man your exclusivity!

The “ring” closes the store, but the “ring” doesn’t have to be a marriage proposal.

It is a symbol of your dream commitment, and it can be different depending on what you want.

  • If you want to be married, you stop dating other men when your twin proposes to you (in this case, there needs to be a real ring and a wedding date).
  • If you want to be a man’s girlfriend, you stop dating other men when your twin asks you to be exclusive and refers to you as his girlfriend. He should be introducing you to people as his girlfriend - or partner, or whatever word or term YOU are comfortable using.
  • If you want to live in a van and travel around the world with your man and his dog, you stop dating other men when your twin wants to live that unique lifestyle with you.

The male twin flame will not expect you to be dating only him. He knows that you are a free bird until he has claimed you. If he gets angry at you for talking to other men online, that’s a massive red flag.

If your twin doesn't love you enough to give you the full-hearted commitment that you deserve but still expects you to only date him… how fucking fair is that?

No matter how great everything feels, don't stop dating other men until he has offered you the “ring” you want, no matter how long it takes.

Remember, your true twin flame WANTS to claim you; he wants to make you happy.


➡️Dress up, put on makeup, and wear high heels
➡️Go out and talk with a minimum of five men
➡️Repeat on a daily basis 

Note that I say TALKING with other men. I didn't say aggressively flirt or throw your boobs in their faces or jump in bed with other men on a whim. 

Flow Date is a conversation with anyone in public. Man, woman, child. In any situation. The only requirement is that you have a non-judgemental, “Free Therapy” attitude.

One of my favorite ways to flow date is to dress up and go to a restaurant where I know a lot of tradesmen⚒️ will be taking a lunch break from work.

You are a breath of fresh air for these hardworking men (carpenters, electricians, plumbers, etc) and they will look at you and treat you like a fucking movie star, I can guarantee you that!

And if you're thinking right now "But, Viona, I'm not interested in those kinds of men" or "I can't do that, I would feel so silly" - then you're missing the fucking point.

From now on Flow Dating is your PRACTICE. Just like a "meditation practice."

Notice when your mind goes to goals, future-thinking, judging others for their looks, judging yourself for "cheating", and figuring things out in your head, and STOP.

Just stop.

✨Go back to the present moment.
✨Talk and smile warmly and have fun.
✨Practice staying open and not hiding.
✨Have fun and interesting conversations with the men whom the Universe puts into your life. 

Consider every man, woman, and child who shows up in front of you, on any day, at any time, as an agent of Free Therapy there just for YOU.

And then, with them, in what I call a "Flow Date," you practice the Steps and tools you’ve learned so far in the Haven Twin Flame Attraction Method!™

Viona xoxo

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