Twin Flame Triggers: How To Manage Your Emotional Triggers

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In this teaching on Twin Flame Relationships, you will learn:
✨What an emotional trigger is 
✨How you sabotage your reunion with your triggers
✨How to you recognize a trigger when it comes up
✨How to stop feeling triggered by your twin flame
✨How triggers are different from your true feelings

“Trigger” may seem like a catchy buzz-word today.

But it’s not - consider the years you’ve spent being angry, resentful, or even apathetic. 

Maybe you’re having a perfectly good day, decide to send your twin a text, and when he doesn't respond within the time frame you desire, suddenly there’s this yucky, intense feeling in your stomach... 

Let's walk through the scenario!

You: text him

He: doesn't answer

You: wait

He: still ignores you

You: get worried/anxious 

He: still nothing

You: double texts

He: silence

You: get anxious /angry 

He: answers short

You: wonder what the fuck his problem is 

He: pulls back more

You: get so triggered (either feeling sad/anxious or angry/anxious) that you do one or more of the following...

HOW YOU FEEL (list of trigger emotions):

💓Your heart is beating fast.

🥵You're sweating, and having difficulty breathing

😬Your chest feels all tight and heavy. 

🥶You feel cold like a bucket of cold water hits you.

🤬You feel breathless with a sudden rage.

😱You fear you have no control over your emotions

🏃🏻‍♀️You feel the urge to run away or escape

😬You feel a physical tension, like clenching the fists or jaw

And you can’t really point out what it is, so you carry on with your day as if nothing happened.

But that fucking feeling still runs in your subconscious and bugs the hell out of you.

It feels like a ticking bomb. 

It feels like something "bad" is going to happen.

It feels like you're just waiting for the other shoe to drop,

...and those feelings don’t just go away.



An emotional trigger is like a button that makes you feel a certain way.

Just like how pressing a button on a toy makes it do something, an emotional trigger can make you feel happy, sad, scared, or angry.

Sometimes, certain things or situations can push our emotional fucking buttons without us even realizing it.

A trigger is an emotional reaction from past trauma. 

It means you have touched on something you don’t want to look at, and that’s the exact thing you must look at to heal to feel safe and happy.

When we are triggered emotionally, a little thing feels like a big fucking deal to us.

It’s not that your twin has done anything wrong, it's just that you are experiencing emotions that are NOT CONNECTED to the present moment.

Some ground roles about triggers:

👉Men can only trigger your trigger.

👉People can never trigger you (not even a narcissist).

👉No one can trigger you without your PERMISSION. 

👉You react because of your STORIES around that trigger.

This means that if someone tells you "You triggered me", or "You trigger me right now" THIS IS NOT TRUE.

No one can trigger you. You can only BE triggered. 

Just like no one can TAKE away your power. You can only GIVE it away (subconsciously of course).

Heal the wound and you’re trigger-free and unfuckwithable. You are welcome.

Many women describe the feeling of being triggered as being "possessed". They feel influenced or controlled by something (such as an evil spirit) and are urgently desirous to do or have something.

You can relax. 99.9% of the time it's about YOU and not about an evil spirit.

Women who are used to falling into people-pleasing patterns are quick to believe that someone has put a black curse on them, but the truth is, they just don't have a damn clue what they're feeling.

The root wound to the trigger is buried so deep within them, it feels like they're possessed but they ARE NOT.

And if you are possessed by your triggers you’re not in your fucking power!! You’re on autopilot. 

Unhealed triggers are like a black spell you put on yourself.

The point with the twin flame journey is to alchemize all of the ways that he triggers the fuck out of you...so that LEAD (ie. powerlessness, rejection, abandonment, lack, 'poor me' consciousness) turns in PUR GOLD (ie. infinite patience, non-circumstantial Power) because that's when you manifest that you really want - a permanent twin flame reunion.

I explain more about how you can end the separation stage and manifest a reunion (most of my clients do it within 30 days) in my eBook that you can download for free below: 

Get Your Twin Flame Back eBook (2)

When you haven't healed your triggers, you'll sabotage your twin flame relationship by doing any or all of the following UNATTRACTIVE things...

🤬You send him an angry text telling him he can't treat you like this and it's fucking over

😰You reread the texts to find hidden conclusions as to why he answered you so cold

📱You call your best friend and analyze the texts, grasping for a convincing prediction that he WILL come back.

😵You can't sleep and are googling “signs he’ll come back” at 2 am.

🔮You make an emergency call to an online psychic hotline to confirm that he is still your twin 

🧐You're stalking his Instagram to figure out if he’s moved on or not (and praying he hasn’t).

💔You pour your heart out in a twin flame Facebook group about how "hard" the journey is

🚘You drive past his home to see if he's home and if he has another woman there

😭You cry and binge-eat chocolate while listening to sad love songs like "I Love the way you lie",  or "Stay" with Rihanna.

If you checked off any or all of the above boxes, and are finding yourself currently cringing right now - you are so NOT alone… I’ve done it all, seen it all, and YES, I’m here to help.

Here's the thing: it's your emotional addiction to POWERLESSNESS that is keeping you from having the relationship that you fucking want with your twin.

Being a frantic, anxiety-ridden, impatient, obsessive-compulsive, manic-depressive, drama-Queen sends out a DESPERATE vibration that your twin WILL pick up telepathically. 

Even if there is no contact between you and your twin he can still FEEL when you’ve got your eye on him, tracking his every move.

It's really fucking crucial to acknowledge that clinging to your twin out of fear of losing him is counterproductive. 

Your unhealed triggers and obsessive overthinking are like energetic “knocks,” you feel powerless, clingy, and desperate, and that’s the exact energy he picks up from you.

Your triggers will create desperate energy that will overwhelm and suffocate him, making him feel like he's responsible for your happiness.

The result? Your twin will withdraw from you, ghost you, ignore you, dump you, or choose another woman. Ouch!

When you’re feeling anxious – your body is giving you shitloads of information.

Your body is telling you that you are TRIGGERED which has abso-fuckin-nothing to do with your twin but EVERYTHING to do with YOU!


who's behind all my problems

Every time you get triggered, you begin to think down the same fucking rabbit hole - and end up in the same hurt, frustration, powerlessness, and despair.

"He doesn't love me"

"This will never work"

"He will leave me"

"I can't trust him"

Often the only way out of that kind of hopeless, helpless feeling is ANGER - you end up blowing like a volcano, spewing hot lava all over your twin (or a man you want to love).

If you're not spewing, you're just getting better and faster at stuffing the sacred fucking rage down, so you can truly believe those feelings don't belong to you.

The reason many women are still struggling with their triggers and behave like "crazy" drama queens (even after years of therapy) is that they haven't really healed their triggers. 

They have just intellectualized the pain by TALKING, VENTING, and DISCUSSING their childhood traumas or past lives. That's not healing.

For example, if your twin talks about his ex-girlfriend you get jealous and feel this rage inside you.

Even in your head when you “know’ what is going on, and you know you’re triggered, you are still feeling “bad” by him.

If you don't have self-awareness, you'll fall into the trap and blame him and force him to stop talking about his ex because you feel bad when he does it.

To constantly look for flaws and create evidence of REJECTION & ABANDONMENT by your twin flame is a classic sign of an unhealed trigger.

This is an emotional addiction that you must release if you truly desire to have and enjoy an abundance of your twin's TIME, ENERGY & ATTENTION.

It’s never your twin’s obligation to tiptoe around you.


Addressing the root cause of those negative feelings is what’s going to help you heal and feel confident AF - not the act of projecting your emotional shit onto someone else. 

You don’t have to let ANXIETY have its way with you anymore.

You are in control of the reality you create.

You have the power to stop feeling shitty emotions over and over again, so you can diminish your anxiety and the problems it’s causing in your twin relationship.

The most powerful reframe I teach my clients (and practice myself) when it comes to triggers is to start seeing them as a fucking gift vs. a black evil curse!

4 steps to manage your emotional triggers and inspire your twin flame to come closer

🔥Step #1: Stop All Impulses

Here are three steps I train my clients to take when they feel triggered:

Acknowledge your anxiety trigger

The first thing you must "do" when you're triggered is to do NOTHING.

Just drop your fucking phone. Turn it off.

Don't talk, don't text him, and don't follow any impulse to "do" something.

Just stop. Connect with yourself and say:

“I notice that a part of me is triggered. I will not run away from you or pretend that you don’t exist. I’m not going anywhere.” 

Radically accept the shitty feelings

“I radically accept that a part of me is triggered. It’s okay that I am triggered. I am more than my feelings, my hormones, and my thoughts about this situation.”

Go deeper by journaling

  • Why do I feel so upset?
  • What exactly feels bad here?
  • Is this situation really that awful, or is it MY perspective making it more than it actually is?
  • When was the first time in my life I felt this feeling? Who was there and what happened?
  • Is it possible that I can question this reality I’m creating right now, and change my perspective so these emotions have no more power over me?
  • How can I step into the shoes of the other person and see the situation from their point of view?
  • What would my highest, most powerful, happiest Diva-Queen-self do? Would she even react to this situation?

Those are the REAL questions to ask yourself because they run way deeper than fuckballz, superficial, quick-fix solutions (like blaming him for never calling or texting you).💥😮‍💨

The answers to those questions will give you the real motherfucking liberation and transformation that you’re seeking in your life, in your relationships, and in your career! 

YOU are the only person in your life who can transcend what triggers you. 

When you really do this inner work, you won’t be triggered by other people’s shitty reactions.

You will stop walking on eggshells around your people because you will know that their reactions have absolutely fucking nothing to do with you! 



 🔥Step #2: Let Go Of Expectations

No high-quality man wants the burden of having to FUCK the misery and stress and poverty out of a woman.

You think that the key for you to feel GOOD is if your twin gives you what you WANT. 

You believe you want a thing, a ring, a gift, a commitment, a relationship status on FB, an action, or an experience - yet, you only want those things because you are still plugged into the 3D Matrix.

These 3D things seem like the easiest, most convenient, clear "package" of delivery to get you those FEELINGS you want to feel; love, passion, excitement, ecstasy, sensuality, peace, happiness, etc.

Don't let your ego drive your actions. Instead, follow your heart. If your desire for a ring, title, commitment, or marriage outweighs your love for your twin flame, he will sense that you are using him to boost your own self-esteem, and he will likely push back against catering to your ego. 


In reality, you don't want him to DO something.

You just want to FEEL something else.

And he is not responsible for your feelings or for making you feel GOOD!

You just WANT something, and that thing is always a FEELING.

And do you know what the best part is?

Feelings are 100% FREE.

You can choose what you want to feel.

"I'm never going to have him

show up for me the way I'd like him to..." 

That's a SPELL that you can wake up from right now. It is NOT the absolute fucking TRUTH.

Therefore you can neutralize or disable that SPELL and CHOOSE a SPELL that much better serves you and your twin flame relationship. That spell can be a simple mirror affirmation like "I know my twin loves me because I'm the motherfucking queen he can't resist. I'm always chosen". 

So, stop feeding the THOUGHTS DEMONS (ie. your Rejection Complex) of Powerlessness, Unworthiness, Rejection, Abandonment, Guilt, and Shame!

You must commit to embodying your GODDESS archetype mindset so that you can remain neutral in the midst of emotional fucking chaos or 3D illusionary lack.

🔥Step #3: Become a Glimmer Seeker 

As discussed, triggers are cues around us that signal a potential (99.9% of the time an imaginary) THREAT. Their opposite, glimmers, are cues that signal SAFTEY. 

Glimmers are small moments of goodness that spark joy, hope, inspiration, or peace, which can help cue your nervous system to feel safe or calm.

They can be internal or external, but they will improve your mood and help you build nervous system resistance. The beauty of glimmers is that they are trauma-recovery resources (perfect to heal after narcissistic abuse).

To manifest what you want, you need to let go of your resistance aka have a CALM nervous system. The calmer your nervous system is, the more glimmers you will experience. The more glimmers you experience, the faster you will attract your twin flame and manifest a reunion or anything you desire.


Here are some real-life examples of experiencing glimmers:

  • Seeing a beautiful rainbow after a heavy rainstorm
  • Receiving a compliment from a stranger or a loved one
  • Accomplishing a goal that you have been working towards for a long time
  • Spending time in nature and feeling a sense of peace and calm
  • Listening to your favorite song and feeling the joy it brings
  • Helping someone in need and feeling a sense of fulfillment
  • Having a deep and meaningful conversation with a friend that leaves you feeling inspired and motivated.

To experience more glimmers in your life, you need to take charge of your emotions and actively seek out positive experiences instead of worrying and obsessing. 

Take the time to reflect on the things you're grateful for in your life, no matter how small or silly they may seem. I am grateful for having elasticity every fucking day. You really appreciate it when you're a digital nomad living in a van.

I'm a big fan of writing gratitude lists which means making a list of things you are thankful for. The more you train your mind to appreciate the positive aspects of your life, you'll manifest more juicy moments of glimmers.

Here's a simple exercise:

  • Get a piece of paper and a pen or pencil.
  • Think about all the good things in your life. These can be things like your family, friends, toys, pets, food, or even things like sunshine or flowers.
  • Write down each thing you are thankful for on your paper, one at a time. For example, you could write "I am thankful for my mom" or "I am thankful for my favorite toy."
  • Keep writing until you have a long list of things you are thankful for. After you're done, you can read your list back to yourself and feel happy about all the good things in your life.

🔥Step #4: Accept Your Human Meat Suit

It’s not the trigger that’s the issue - it’s staying STUCK there. 

I have zero fucking desire to be part of the 'love and light'  crew and think it's just as toxic ( if not more so ) than what's found in mainstream fundamental religion.

We're human AF and we're supposed to experience the full range of emotions that go along with having a little meat suit (even the 'low vibe' ones).

Trying to ascend to the 936th dimension so you can hang out with your angel buddies all day is preventing you from experiencing this AWESOME messy reality called life  #theonlywayoutisthrough 

You are going to continue to be triggered on some level for the rest of your life (you’re a human!). So waiting for others to stop triggering you is a losing fucking game. 

The key to navigating a trigger and going from rage/sadness to peace/happiness is through your feelings.

Don't go WITHOUT. Go WITHIN. Find out what you REALLY feel. 

The questions to ask yourself here are...

What am I most afraid of right now?

How does this fear feel in my body?

When was the first time in my life I felt this fear?

It can be past life shit or childhood shit.

Maybe you had an absent father who was not really around. He was always working or prioritizing other things or people than you.

Those childhood experiences make you feel like you have to DO something, you have to FORCE something to happen, and you have to FIX something quickly - otherwise, you will LOSE love.

So, this unhealed trigger drives you to text and call and push your twin for a commitment. You feel like you have to take control and fix it because you’re afraid something "bad" will happen if you don't.

Instead of running away from your bad feelings, you will run toward them.

Jump down into the emotional fucking tornado inside of you. 

Name the feelings out loud for yourself

"I feel scared to fail,

"I feel scared that he will leave me"

"I feel scared that I'm not enough"...

Once you own your FEARS and radically accept your current reality, you will feel BETTER in a second.

All the good feelings you WANT to feel are underneath your anxiety.

This is where the fucking peace lies.

This is where the 5D dimension lies.

This is where the reunion lies.

This is where the REAL you exist.

SO MUCH MORE is on the other side.

Viona xx

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