How to Stop Thinking about Your Twin Flame Every Damn Day

BLOG POSTS How to Stop Thinking about Your Twin Flame Every Damn Day
In this teaching on Twin Flame Relationships, you will learn: 
✨How to identify and manage obsessive thoughts about your twin
✨How connecting your twin in 5D during separation kills his attraction to you
✨The biggest manifesting mistake that blocks women from reaching reunion
✨The difference between an unhealthy attachment and a spiritual bond /lies and myths)

✨Ways to break negative obsessive thought patterns and cultivate a positive mindset

Even if there is no contact between you and your twin flame, he can still FEEL when you've got your eye on him, tracking his every move.

He can still feel TELEPATHICALLY ✨💭 that you haven't broken your addiction to powerlessness, unworthiness, rejection, and abandonment. It's not sexy, so he will withdraw.

This was me in the first years of my twin flame journey.

I falsely thought that he couldn't know I was stalking him on social media or feel my anxious energy when we were apart BUT HE CAN!!!

Eventually, I reached a point where I was exhausted from my obsessive overthinking🤯 and trying to figure out WHEN he would text me.

➡️I didn’t realize that although I was always sweet and nice when we met on dates, my energy was OFF.

➡️I was always waiting for the other SHOE TO DROP, and could barely listen to him. 

➡️I was always worrying that I would say or do something that would scare him away.

➡️I was not authentic and relaxed with him. 

My head was filled with catastrophic "what if" scenarios 😱💭 and men are actually very sensitive to picking up that energy from us, and it makes them run for the fucking hills! 

You can't fake energy. You can only change it.

Have you ever thought about a friend whom you haven't spoken to in a while, and then she calls you out of the blue 30 minutes later?

Thoughts create powerful energy. We are all connected telepathically—that's why we can FEEL when someone is thinking about us. And this is why you must be careful when getting too involved in a man's life.

When we start obsessively thinking about a man, it's as if we're standing outside his house, knocking on the front door. 

Every thought about him you send out into the world is basically a tap on his door. This obsession can add up to quite a few knocks a day and can get pretty fucking frustrating for him!

When you send him energetic "knocks," you feel powerless, clingy, and desperate, the same energy he picks up from you.

He continues to take you for granted because why shouldn't he?

You are leaning forward in your thoughts!

You are still sitting on his porch. You haven't really left. You're still waiting for him and hoping he'll open the door. 

But he needs to feel you leave energetically to start to miss you. He needs to feel he has space and free will to determine what he wants from your relationship.

This is why men who ghost you for months or years suddenly text you. They're not playing mind games; they can FEEL that you're moving on in your life.

"Moving on" means that you're leaning back in your thoughts.

You're surrendering to the moment. You're in feminine energy, and that's sexy as fuck!

When you lean back in your thoughts, you will naturally lean back in your body and in how you act.

He can feel this shift within you telepathically, and it's irresistible. Suddenly he "pops up" in your life again by texting, calling, or asking you out.

That's why learning how to stop overthinking by leaning the fuck back in your thoughts is the most important thing to master!

The Worst Manifesting Mistakes Women Make

You might be wondering now…

"But Viona, how am I supposed to manifest a twin flame reunion without thinking about him? What about daily visualization practices where I imagine him and me happily together? Should I stop doing that?"

Visualization is overrated.

Most people think that creating vision boards, writing gratitude lists, and journaling until their fingers hurt will lead them to manifest what they want.

But unfortunately, that isn't the whole truth. God or the Universe is not stupid by any means.

Your intention of manifesting your twin-flame love is already heard. You don't have to nag and beg by visualizing several times a day to get what you want out of life.

Almost all teaching about the Law of Attraction and powerful manifestation will activate your masculine energy and that BLOCKS you from receiving what you want! I explain this process in more detail in my eBook "Get Your Twin Flame Back" which you can download for free below:

Get Your Twin Flame Back eBook (2)

Here're a couple of examples of masculine-energy actions encouraged by teachings about the Law of Attraction:

➡️You are clarifying your vision of what you want (writing down what your dream relationship looks like or doing visualization meditation practices).

➡️You are making a vision board (creating, crafting, and finding images of what you want).

➡️Affirming your vision as a present truth ("I'm so happy because I am with my twin flame now").

➡️Problem-solving through journaling (finding your limiting beliefs and instantly going into "fix" mode by saying, "Is this belief true? How can I let go of it? I choose to let go of it now...”)

None of the steps above are intrinsically bad or wrong. Journaling is one of the most powerful tools for self-discovery and growth.

Using your masculine energy to clarify what you want is sure as hell important for attracting what you want. Just don't overdo it.

Journaling, affirmations, and vision boards are great because they give you a soccer ball to kick down the field.

But if you're not shifting into feminine energy and EMBODYING the feeling of having the love you want, your intention will not manifest.

You will stay at the waiting frequency, feeling exhausted and frustrated. You'll wonder if the soccer ball is ever coming back to you and if the Universe has completely forgotten the order you've placed.

You don't have to do a million more things before manifesting the love you desire.

The Universe isn't tracking how hard you work, how many hours you put in, or how much time you've spent visualizing your desire.

The Law of Attraction only responds to the energy of worthiness. And you're worthy RIGHT NOW in this very moment.

It's enough to send out your request to the Universe ONE TIME—to be clear about what you want and how your dream relationship looks. Write it down, and then let go. Then your job is to embody the feminine energy, which is the receiving frequency, and feels like you already have your desire.

Use journaling as a self-discovery tool to get to know yourself deeper and stay focused rather than as a way to run away from uncomfortable feelings or prove yourself worthy by working hard. 

We only rely on positive-thinking hysteria when we feel LACK and don't trust that we'll have what we want.

Come on. If you really had the dream relationship you want, you wouldn't waste time daydreaming, visualizing, or journaling, right? You would already FEEL HAPPY and be busy enjoying your life.

Fantasizing, daydreaming, positive thinking, or visualizing are dissociative states!

Overthinking = underfeeling.

Overthinking is a trauma response.

When you're thinking, you’re stepping out of yourself.

You are less present. You are not really here. You're stuck in the Matrix.

However, when you focus on the sensations in your body and your breathing, you're leaning back.

When you let yourself FEEL the feelings you want to feel, you will collapse time and space and manifest your desired reality faster. 

You are more powerful than you think and manifesting the relationship you want with him is EASY once you master your mind!

Twin flame testimonials

How to Stop Thinking About Your Twin Flame by Cutting the Energetic Cord Between Two

A cord is different from a bond. A cord is an attachment (NOT a connection) and has no place in twin-flame love. It's fear-based, controlling, and very unattractive energy.

We create cords when we are worried about a situation and want to control the outcome. For example, the fear of losing a man makes an energetic umbilical cord between you and him.

This exercise can feel scary. Remind yourself that letting go of control is NOT the same as giving up.

When you let go of control, you will lean back and create an energetic space so that God or the Universe can give you what you want. 

Women doing this exercise often say they suddenly feel relaxed, patient, and happy. They stop the obsessive overthinking and lean back easier in their thoughts. It usually takes a few hours or days before their twin flames reach out to them because they can FEEL the shift!

If you feel scared about cutting the cord, you are scared to let go of control. You are a control freak who can't stand uncertainty. That's a trauma response and you need to work on healing that wound. The following exercise is even more important for your healing and growth.

🔥Do this:

➡️ Imagine seeing the man you can't stop thinking about in front of you. See him as clearly as you can. Notice his eyes, his hair, and his clothes.

➡️ Now put your attention on the cord that is between you two. See how this energetic umbilical cord is vibrating and pulsing from your heart to his heart. Notice how much energy is leaving your body, how all this energy is moving in his direction, leaving you exhausted.

➡️ Imagine that you see Archangel Michael. He will help you slay your fears and activate your self-worth. Michael has a flaming sword in his hands. Its white steel can cut through anything. Michael is here to help you cut the cords of fear and control so you can get the commitment you want.

➡️ Imagine Michael standing between you and the man you can't stop thinking about. Michael raises the sword over the cord, brings it down, and cuts it in two. The second he does this, you feel an enormous sense of relief.

➡️ Notice how the end of your cord is rolling back towards you, up into your chest, into your heart. Imagine an invisible, protective shield over your heart that makes it impossible for the cord to jump back out from your chest and reconnect with your twin flame.

➡️ Look your man straight in the eyes and say out loud,

"You are entitled to do what you want. We are/were dating. I'm not committed. I know my twin flame WANTS to be with me. That's why I will keep my options open in love and date other men until I get the commitment I want. If it's not you, then it's another man. I'm as free as you are."

➡️ Now turn your back on him and walk away. This step is crucial. Avoid looking back over your shoulder to see what he is doing or how he is reacting. Walk proud and tall. You are a fucking queen with a crown on your head. 

If he wants you, he needs to do the work and come to you! Once you take control of your obsessive thoughts and understand the process of how a male twin flame (masculine partner) falls in love, you'll inspire him to give you the commitment you fucking deserve!

Do you want to learn more of my powerful secrets to help you heal your twin flame's commitment phobia so you can finally manifest the blissful reunion you want? 

There are a few options you can do (pick two or all of them):

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5. Have questions? Comment below or send me an email to support@vionahaven.com and my team of certified twin flame teachers will help you create a personalized step-by-step plan to manifest a twin flame reunion in this lifetime as fast as fucking possible. 

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