How to Get Your Twin Flame to Chase You by Leaning Back

BLOG POSTS How to Get Your Twin Flame to Chase You by Leaning Back
In this teaching on Twin Flame Relationships, you will learn: 
✨What leaning back is and why it's your power weapon in twin flame love
✨The role that your mindset and emotions play in attracting or repelling him
✨How to stop chasing after your twin and make him chase you instead
✨How to manifest more texts, calls, hot dates, and support from him
✨How to make your twin flame step up and claim you as his

Are you fucking tired of chasing your twin flame, doing all the healing work, and still not finding yourself in a happy, committed relationship with him?

Let me introduce to you the most powerful manifesting tool that exists to reach a twin flame reunion; Leaning Back.

Leaning Back is a unique feminine mindset that makes you attract more love and devotion from your man. In other words; more texts, calls, hot dates, gifts, compliments, and commitment!

Leaning Back is the number one fucking secret that makes my clients manifest a twin flame reunion within a couple of weeks or months!

You will naturally put yourself into a receiving space (feminine), which inspires a man to lean forward with his energy (masculine) and give to you. 

The Law of Polarity works like this: When you are embodying masculine energy, he has no choice but to take on the feminine role. And no high-quality twin flame wants to embody a feminine role.

Energetically, you start to chase him. The attraction dies. He withdraws. Take note of how your chasing your twin flame impacts his behavior:

When you:

  • Bring him thoughtful gifts,
  • Send him cute text messages,
  • Help him out
  • Pick him up for dates,
  • Pay for dates,

You feel like you’re a fucking catch, don’t you?

You feel GREAT because, in your mind, you believe that you’re showing him what a wonderful girlfriend and potential wife you are. You assume that being nice and spoiling him will make him feel more attracted to you and maybe even appreciate having you in his life.

But when you act like this, you're actually acting in masculine energy, and this creates a role-reversal situation that causes an imbalance in the relationship. I explain more about how you can speed up the time to manifest a twin flame reunion in my eBook. Download it for free below: 

Get Your Twin Flame Back eBook (2)

When you're masculine, this is how you come across:

  • Needy, clingy, and insecure because you need a lot of attention and constant validation
  • Low value and controlling
  • Friends with benefits (not wife material)
  • Uninteresting because you are way too available and have too much time on your hands; you don’t have a life.
  • You are a guy chaser and don't have many options. You are desperate. 

How he feels:

  • He feels suffocated by your attention.
  • He feels insecure, passive, or disoriented.
  • He feels unmotivated and lacking purpose.
  • He feels headache-prone and often frustrated.
  • He feels not good enough or in need of some headroom.

What he thinks:

  • He wonders what makes you so desperate to catch him.
  • He thinks you’re fucking crazy for doing so much.
  • He questions whether the relationship is actually worth it.
  • He starts fantasizing about other women.

Being pushed into feminine energy makes him feel emasculated and useless, not at all like the knight in shining armor he wants to be.

He can’t help it, and he might not understand the whole situation himself. Your twin flame might falsely believe that you and the relationship are wrong for him and withdraw, but the relationship only feels wrong to him because you’re embodying the wrong energy!

When you lean back, you let go of all attachments to the outcome and feel a sense of peace - which is the key to inspiring a man to call you, text you, prioritize you, spend more time with you, and commit to you, and love you.

Leaning back creates space to observe what's going on in your body and with your feelings, forcing you to deal with your anxieties and insecurities. 

Leaning back is the key to finally healing your emotional triggers - it makes you emotionally intelligent and more attractive.

This is why tapping into feminine energy and learning the art of Leaning Back changes EVERYTHING, especially for the spiritual woman, the woman who is a lover, giver, and doer, but who attracts only men who treat her like shit.

To understand what leaning back looks like, you first must understand what leaning forward looks like in romantic relationships, and how it pushes men away:

What Leaning Foward Looks Like:

👉You haven't heard from your twin in days, maybe weeks, so you decide to send him a text or email like "I was just thinking about you," or "I just wanted to drop by and say hello," or "what are you doing, I miss you."

👉You think, daydream, and fantasize about him when you're not together.

👉You often wonder what's happening in your relationship, where it is headed, and how you can see him again.

👉You stalk his social media pages and like his posts and pics or comment on social media or send/tag him in twin flame articles.

👉You call him to ask when you will see him again or why he hasn't called you.

👉You offer to do things for him around his house, like cooking, laundry, and dishes.

👉You give him romantic gifts, a back massage, or you cook a fancy dinner for him.

👉You constantly talk about your feelings for him, in person or through sweet and encouraging text messages.

👉When he's silent, you fill the gaps by asking him how he feels, what he thinks about, and where he thinks the relationship is going. 

All the examples above are examples of masculine energy (leaning forward) that pushes a man into feminine energy. 

Your Twin Flame doesn't want to be there. It makes him feel emasculated so that he will pull away from you.

If you want to build a relationship with a man who is crazy about you, who would climb walls and cross oceans and be there for you through thick and thin, you must lean back.

You must STOP getting into men-pleasing mode, stop being nice, sweet, and giving, and stop leaning forward in masculine energy. Instead, create space so he can fill in and text, call, and ask you out on romantic dates.


4 Steps to Lean Back (which inspires him to step up in masculine energy)

🔥Step #1: Lean Back in Your Actions 

As a woman, you have a job in the relationship to create space. 

In romantic relationships, when it comes to men and love, less is more.

The less you do, the more you will get.

The less you do, the more space you will create in the relationship, and the more space he will have to come towards you.

Stop doing ANYTHING in the relationship that makes your energy move toward him. Instead, catch yourself when you feel the need to get into old patterns and do something from the above (masculine) list.

Stop stalking his social media pages. Follow the No Contact Rule.

Creating space will be challenging in the beginning because you are programmed to pull the energy desperately toward yourself at every possible sign of distance.

Learn to love the space. Don't be threatened by it.

He will return recharged, loving, and caring when you let him BE and allow him to BREATHE a little.

🔥Step #2: Lean Back with Your Body

You slowly move your body, hands, and feet when you walk.

When you walk, move your body (especially your hands and feet) slowly.

Masculine energy is fast; feminine energy doesn’t rush.

When you are sitting, lean back in the chair as much as you can and have your feet firmly planted on the floor. If you are standing, put one foot back and let your body weight rest on your back foot. Open your chest and arch your upper body back ever so slightly. Let your arms fall to the sides comfortably.

When you speak, imagine the words coming from your pussy, moving up through your body, and finally emerging from your lips. Speak slowly to show you feel comfortable speaking to him. This allows you to tap into a warm, sensual voice that sounds very erotic to a man’s ear.

Whatever you are doing, bring your focus back to the present moment.

Practice being here and now, and it will create a soft open energy that is irresistible. 

And for fuck’s sake, stop eating so fast that you’re inhaling your food!

🔥 Step #3: Lean Back in Your Thoughts  

The only way to make a man miss you is if he feels you leave him ENERGETICALLY.

When you daydream and fantasize about a man, he can feel it. Every thought is a knock on his aura, which makes your obsession feel suffocating and clingy to him. 

Even if you don't have contact, he will telepathically pick up your vibe.

Don't call psychics, mediums, or tarot readers asking about him, don't watch energy readings on YouTube to see where he is, and stop pulling out your oracle deck and asking questions about him.

He can FEEL when someone is reading his aura, which makes him feel he can't trust you.

It's like you are snooping in his diary.

Do meditation and EFT tapping to keep your obsessive thoughts under control!

Your anxiety is YOUR fucking responsibility - not his. If you struggle with overthinking and anxiety, do this ritual. You can also listen to this guided meditation.

🔥 Step 4#: Repeat (No Exceptions)

In the beginning, when you lean back, you will feel afraid that he will think you lost interest, accept the fact, and move on with his life.

This fearful thinking is old 3D programming (fear of loss), so be aware that you will most likely feel very anxious and might want to fall into your old patterns again. Today I ask you to release the urge to 'be' a good person! 

Society tells us so many ways of how we women 'should' behave to earn that title. Never rocking the boat, never upsetting anyone, never saying no, and always caring about others' feelings and not your own... 

YOU ARE a good person. Without having to do or show anything for it. Your good person includes all parts of you - your kindness, your giving, and caring nature AND your moods, your selfishness, and your bitchiness!

Accept that leaning back will feel really fucking uncomfortable in the beginning, as it's the opposite of how you have been operating in love and with men your entire life. 

The truth is that, when you lean back, your twin sees you are not afraid to lose him if he doesn't treat you right; for a male twin flame (a man in the empowered masculine), that is super attractive.  

He will STOP taking you for granted, and he will step up. A man wants a prize, whether or not he wants to admit it. He wants what other men want and what he has to work for to have.

By leaning back you will stand out from ALL the other women he has met -- even his karmic girlfriend.

95% of the women in the world don't have the knowledge you have now, and they are running around with blinders on, desperately trying to prove their worth by pleasing a man. By leaning back, you make him lift his game and come back and fall in love with you harder than ever before.

Remember, even if you lean back in your body and your actions, your skill in leaning back in your THOUGHTS is the most crucial thing to master. 

Once you separate from him in your mind and become a skilled observer instead, you will lean back naturally in your body and your actions.

When that day comes, you will be an unstoppable love magnet!


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Viona Kali Haven

Viona Haven is a NO BS psychic coach and the authority on twin flame relationships and 5D ascension. She is the CEO and founder of her company Manifestation Diva and has helped 500+ women to reach a twin flame reunion.

Viona Haven and her company are leading the charge in teaching twin flame relationships and building female boss leaders who are devoted to global healing and changing the fucking world. The return is a twin flame love, massive mega impact, and 6-figure brands that give back. 

Viona Haven has completed her twin flame journey and lives in full union with her twin flame. Her favorite drink is hot chocolate with whipped cream because "all the cool adults drink it".

When not coaching her students into goddam goddesses, Viona can be found barefoot in nature, sunbathing by the pool, eating salted caramel ice cream, or watching Netflix documentaries about serial killers. She is a digital nomad traveling the world in a 4x4 camper van with her partner and dog. She’s never been happier.


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